Denamarin for Cats

Denamarin for Cats

I’ll never forget the day I came home from work and found my cat lifeless.

Unfortunately, it’s something every pet owner fears at some point. As our pet age and their health declines, you want to make them as comfortable as possible.

I realized that day I was neglecting for weeks to notice the obvious, and not so obvious, signs of liver disease in my cat.

I immediately rushed her to the emergency veterinarians office that was closest to me.

After a long and brutal night of fluids and tests, I was thankfully able to bring my cat home with me… with specific instructions.

The instructions stated that I needed to pick up Denamarin for cats by tomorrow evening from my local veterinarians’ office.

Denamarin for Cats

Denamarin for Cats

After extensive blood test at the emergency vet, the doctor diagnosed my cat with liver disease.

During the discussion with my cats’ veterinarian, I learned a lot about a cats liver function. I learned that the liver takes part in a lot of activities within a cat daily body functions, which also makes it subject injury.

Cat Liver Functions:

  • Helps with the digestion of food
  • Helps the body absorb and process medications
  • Stores minerals and vitamins
  • Helps the body absorb sugar, fats, and proteins
  • Removes toxins from the body

It’s very difficult to determine the exact reason why your cats liver function has been compromised. Good news is that basic nutritional supplements will help support the overall health of your cats liver. It’s also used to treat liver failure in dogs.

Benefits of Denamarin for Cats

This supplement will increase the production of bile to help support a healthy digestive system, it will get your cats liver function back on track.

If you and your vet are concerned about your cats liver enzyme count being too high or too low, then this is what they will end up recommending.

Shockingly, this supplement is also known to improve your cat’s brain health as well as decrease stress.

Now I’m not so sure if it has helped with my cat’s overall brain health, but I have noticed that she is much more playful.

It was almost like she became a kitten again.

Denamarin Side Effects for Cats

Denamarin Side Effects

The manufacturer states that there are no known side effects. Since I found this hard to believe I did some research…

It was hard to find any reviews that stated that their pet experienced negative side effects.

However, I did come across one review that stated their cat experienced vomiting and diarrhea briefly after the supplement was given.

Thankfully, this is very rare and will quickly pass. The same review stated that her cat was back to normal the next day and continued to take this supplement daily.

Denamarin Dosage for Cats

Denamarin Chewable

The proper dosage for cats is 90 mg tablets, which is the same dosage for small dogs that are under 12 pounds.

For the best absorption, it’s recommended to give this tablet on an empty stomach about one hour before a meal.

Most pet owners don’t have a problem giving this supplement to their cat since it’s beef flavor, but if your cats a picky eater you can hide it in a treat that you already know they like.

Your cat should be given this supplement once a day.

Make sure you don’t buy Denamarin Chewable, that dosage is made for dogs and is too high for cats.

Where to Buy Denamarin for Cats

I was a little taken back at the cost of this supplement, especially since it will be a monthly cost.

Of course, I want my cat to be happy and healthy so I have no limit on the amount I spent on her. I consider her one of my children.

With that said, I was still going to try to find it cheaper than $35 a box… that adds up to $420 a year.

After some extensive online research, I was very happy to find that many e-commerce sites do sell this product cheaper online.

But of course one tops the rest of them, Amazon.

I’m a huge fan of online shopping, my favorite website is Amazon. So you bet I was very pleased to find the best price here.

Not only was it the cheapest price, but they even offer free shipping.

So if you’re not a fan of spending more money than necessary, then click the link below to buy Denamarin for cats on Amazon for the lowest price.

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