Denamarin for Dogs


taken directly to AmazonI have always been a responsible pet owner, so when my vet recommended Denamarin for dogs… I decided to do some research.

I was looking for three specifics…

    1. What is Denamarin for dogs
    2. Why my dog needs it
    3. Where to buy it the cheapest

I wanted to know what exactly this supplement was, why my veterinarian prescribed it to my dog, and where I can buy it cheaper then what I paid at my vets’ clinic.

Since this is going to be a monthly tablet, I don’t want to be spending more then I half to. Plus, you know they charge way more than necessary at any medical office… human or animal.

Denamarin for Dogs

Denamarin for Dogs

Denamarin is used to help improve the function of your dogs liver. It increases the livers glutathione levels using an ingredient called Adenosylmethionine.

This ingredient will help support the flow of bile to your dogs liver to help with nutritional absorption and digestion.

Another ingredient, called Silybin, helps support brain health, as well as decreases the stress in your dog.

One review said they noticed a significant difference in the temperament of their furbaby after their local vet recommended Denamarin for cats.

She claimed that it was originally prescribed to her cat for liver issues, but she immediately noticed that her cat seemed much more active and playful.

Okay, so why would my veterinarian prescribe it to my dog?

Why Veterinarians Recommended this Product

Denamarin 425 mg

Our pets sometimes make it very difficult for us to know if they are in pain or uncomfortable.

Instinctively, dogs hide their pain so they can protect themselves from predators… even though they really don’t have any when cared for.

Naturally, as a pet ages, their organs will start to not function 100% as they should.

Elevated liver enzymes are what caught my veterinarians attentions during my dog’s annuals blood work.

This can mean many things… so don’t assume it’s liver failure right away.

My vet asked if she had been acting odd at all. I said no at first, but then I thought about it for a few minutes.

I do remember that a few times this past month she vomited up her food.

The doctor said that something is irritating her stomach and Denamarin will help with the problem. He only wanted her to be on this supplement for one month, then to come back in 30 days for a re-check of her liver enzymes. If they were still elevated or not low enough then she would need to be on this supplement monthly.

Where to Buy Denamarin at the Cheapest Price

Since I knew my dog was up in age, I figured she would need to be on this supplement monthly.

Of course, I will buy it for her, but I wanted to find out if I can get it cheaper then what I paid at my vet clinic.

Since this is a supplement… and not a prescription, I knew I could find it online cheaper.

After a few hours of research, I found numerous pet e-commerce sites that sold Denamarin and noted the price they were selling it for.

After comparing 1800petmeds,, drfosterandsmith, and every other online pet supermarket I was able to find the best place to buy it: Amazon

I have always been a huge fan of Amazon, I’m actually a prime member, so I was excited to find out that they had 2-day shipping available.

The price Amazon sells Denamarin for fluctuates since it depends on the seller, but regardless if the price goes up or down a few dollars… it’s always cheaper than your local vet and pet e-commerce sites.

Denamarin for Large Dogs: 425 mg

Denamarin for medium dogs

Just a quick note: Denamarin for dogs side effects is unknown… because they haven’t found any yet!

The largest size this supplement comes in is 425 mg for dogs over 35 pounds.

Since it’s the largest size you will find it’s also the most expensive size. The larger the pet the larger the vet bills!

1800petmeds is selling the large box for over $80… that is a little pricey. Other e-commerce pet sites had it on sale for between $65 and $80 plus the cost of shipping & handling.

Amazon has it for between $58 and $61, plus free shipping.

Denamarin for Medium Dogs: 225 mg

The next size is 225 mg, which is for dogs between 13 and 34 pounds.

Thankfully, the price drops as the dosage does. So if you have a medium size dog then this is the right box for you.

I was not able to find the medium size box for under $40 on the above pet e-commerce sites, except for on Amazon.

Amazon sells it for between $35 and $38, with free shipping of course.

Denamarin for Small Dogs: 90 mg

The smallest size is 90 mg, which is for cats & dogs weight less than 12 pounds.

Once again, the price drops as the weight of your pet drops!

The average price I found this size box being sold for online was between $27 and $32, on top of the cost of shipping and handling.

When I checked Amazon I was happy to see it was once again selling it the cheapest.

Amazon sells this size box for between $21 and $23, again with free shipping.

So if you are the responsible pet owner that enjoys saving money, then click the link below to be taken directly to Amazon to get Denamarin for dogs!

Still Not Convinced? Click Here For More Information!

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