What You Should Know About Liver Failure in Dogs

Liver Failure in Dogs

Liver failure in dogs… the absolute last thing any pet owner wants to hear is that one of their dogs’ organs is failing.

My dog since birth has always had a sensitive stomach, so when I noticed her vomiting one night I didn’t think much of it.

It wasn’t until the next morning I realized that something serious was wrong when I noticed blood in her stool.

I could also see in her eyes that she wasn’t feeling well. So I called out of work and took her straight to my local vet office.

After an exam, blood work, x-rays, and a few hours of waiting she was diagnosed with liver failure.

What You Should Know About Liver Failure in Dogs

Liver Failure in Dogs

Unfortunately, some dogs show no signs of liver damage. Once symptoms develop they’re not very specific.

The severity of these symptoms doesn’t necessarily correlate with the amount of liver damage your dog may have.

Therefore, if your dog is experiencing severe symptoms don’t assume they have chronic liver failure.

Some general symptoms of liver disease in dogs are:

  • Weakness
  • Weight loss
  • Nausea
  • Depression
  • Dehydration
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Diarrhea
  • Increased thirst

Liver problems in dogs are most common in middle age to older pets. Good news is there are supplements available that will make your pet comfortable, as well as extend their life, by managing the health of their daily liver function.

Top Liver Supplements for Dogs

Top Liver Supplements for Dogs

Since I love my dog and consider her my child, I wanted to make sure I was providing her with the top liver supplements for dogs available.

So I jumped online and researched the top liver supplements for dogs and narrowed it down to 3.

#3: Marin

Marin provides support for the liver with three ingredients… zinc, vitamin E, and Silybin.

Silybin is a common ingredient in most liver supplements, it helps maintain a healthy bile flow while helping to increase protein production to support the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

This supplement made my list of top liver supplements because the online reviews were very good.

However, it’s recommended to take this supplement with another supplement called Denosyl. Even all the reviews said they were using Marin along with Denosyl for optimal results.

Since I’m not a fan of giving my pet two supplements in order to achieve the same results that would be seen with just one, this supplement earns last-place.

#2: Zentonil Plus

Zentonil Plus helps restore hepatic function, increases the production of antioxidants, and supports normal detoxification.

It’s also known to support metabolic activity.

So why did this supplement only make spot #2 on my list… two reasons.

Firstly, it cost more than other liver supplements. The price ranges from $40 to $70, which is almost double the cost of other supplements I found.

Secondly, the reviews were not good. Many pet owners stated that this supplement did not have any significant effect on the health of their pets liver.

Since I was looking for the best supplement, and as the lowest price, I decided to pass on this one.

#1 Denamarin

Denamarin made the top of my list for a few reasons…

First, it contains many ingredients that are used to support the liver health of dogs, including Silybin.

Second, it’s the top recommended supplement by veterinarians everywhere. I know this is true because my local vet sells this supplement.

Third, it has great reviews all around.

Fourth, you don’t need to take it with any other supplement to get the best results.

The fifth and final reason, I found it way cheaper online compared to what my vet office sells it for.

Denamarin Discount

Liver Problems in Dogs

There are many e-commerce sites that sell liver supplements, but I found one site that is not only reputable and well known, but it offers the lowest price on all these supplements.

Amazon has the best price compared to all other top sites like 1 800 pet meds & Fosters and Smith, they even offer free shipping.

I have been buying Denamarin from Amazon for about 6 months now and not only saved a ton of money but haven’t had any problems what so ever.

So if you’re a fan of not only providing your pet with the best supplements for liver failure in dogs but also saving money… then I click the link below to go directly to Amazon!

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